Hello guys,

I saw this excerpt (picture below) while reading Greta Thunberg‘s book today and couldn’t keep quiet. The title of the book is No one is too small to make a difference.

The reality of this shook me hard, then I remember the Amazon burning and lament even more.

What’s worse is that the media hardly mentions climate change. Even worse is that I am from a country blinded by corruption, tribalism and other complex issues to even remember that the planet is in grave danger.

The scientists say that we have 10 years else we will be in a position of where we will set off an irreversible chain reaction beyond human control that may lead to the end of our civilisation. Yet I check the news often and I’m appalled that nothing is being done.

The solution to fighting climate change feels complex but even a child knows it’s as simple as just reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, most especially creating laws to ensure that fossil fuels are kept in the grounds. What makes this solution complex are the companies, decision makers and politicians who being aware of the rapid environmental crisis, sacrifice their values for their insatiable quest for money and power.

I am in a deep state of panic. Yes! Panic is what we need to feel and action is what we need to take because our house is on fire.

To awaken you to the gravity of the situation, I recommend you read the book or check out IPCC reports.


Posted by:Tosin

Just a huge fan of sustainability.

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