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Wow! It’s been such a long time here. Your girl has been seriously AWOL and needs to be spanked…lol. Your baby girl has just been living life, learning and going steady at her own pace. I probably need to work on creating a schedule so I can be more consistent with posting. Let’s see how that goes. I have a feeling I won’t.. ha ha!

This is me trying so hard to be a model… game face on..haha. Why digress Tosin?

Back to the story, guys remember, how I mentioned in my last post here that I planned on visiting more places in Nigeria. Well, your girl did! I went on a road trip to Ekiti State during the last Sallah break with a couple of friends and whoops! It was so exciting; I had so much fun.

It was a three day trip. We (3 of my friends and I) left Lagos on Sunday and got back on Tuesday. We expected the road trip to Ekiti to take a long time but not as long – we spent 7 hours to get to Ado-Ekiti, the capital of Ekiti, and another 1 hour to get to Ikogosi! We planned to explore the warm springs on getting to Ikogosi and leave the next day for Erin Ijesha. Imagine sitting in the bus for 7 hours; I couldn’t blame Eromo for complaining; baba said next time, we would have to fly… haha!

Enroute Ado-Ekiti: Cool kids in the bus. Don’t worry guys, very soon it’s Ferrari we will be using to cruise
Enroute Ikogosi: Cool kids in the cab this time

We met a nice cab guy, Olamide, who drove us from Ado-Ekiti to Ikogosi (tbh everybody we met in Ekiti was nice, smh that’s what happens when you don’t have the Lagos hustle wahala to deal with and you live in a peaceful environment). On the way to Ikogosi and very much to our surprise, we saw a Chicken Republic restaurant which was a complete life saver for our hungry tummies especially for Timi’s (Timi and his love for chicken republic). I also remember asking if there was an ATM and Olamide was like, “SMH this is a bank road.” Lool…Lagos JJCs.

Of course, Timi will take a picture

Our journey took us through thick forests, hills and small villages. Ekiti is sparsely populated; the journey from one village to the next can take about 20 minutes, but Lagos o!

We couldn’t resist taking pictures when we got to the front of the Ikogosi resort. The environment was so welcoming and peaceful, plus the entrance had this traditional aesthetic feel to it. Lol, look at these playful children:

I cannot even begin to laugh at myself. Am I that weightless?

The resort itself is beautiful with cute bungalows that had this black leopard print thingy on the walls. There were flowers, grasses and trees just about everywhere. Just a perfect chill spot. You could seat on the pavement to have a conversation without having to worry that a danfo bus would suddenly jump out from somewhere (ode to Lagos bus drivers). We could even leave our rooms open with our luggage inside; although our Lagos instincts still warned us to lock the door.

Ikogosi Warm spring Resort
Lolade giving us hot!

We explored Ikogosi warm springs that same day and had such a great time. Again, our tour guide, an elderly woman, was super amazing. Amazing people everywhere. She even helped us take dope pictures, mama had learnt well from previous explorers…ah ah. She showed us the point where the warm water meets with the cold water. Guy, my mind literally went… what?! Nature is so beautiful! She also showed us the boundary tree that the farmers in the olden days used to mark their farms. For the record, people still farm and live the traditional lifestyle in Ekiti; so cool.

At the meeting point
Can you name each person from left to right?
Our tour guide was all shades of awesome
Na the boundary tree be this. Don’t even try going in…ants
They said the water can heal any disease…hahaha

After exploring the springs, we had a cool dip in the pool. Apparently, the warm water in the pool also came from the springs. Eromo and Lolade were just showing off their swimming skills whereas Timi discovered that he could not swim, hahaha and me? I was so terrified of the water ehn..lol. Anyways, we paid an instructor and Timi eventually learned to swim while I conquered my aquaphobia and could stay underwater. I feel so proud of myself…lol

If you laugh at me ehn

After the dip, we had dinner (there’s a cafeteria but their food is quite expensive, which is surprising), laughed, walked and retired for the night, after making up our minds that we were no longer going to explore Erin Ijesha the next day because of the long journey, instead we were going to the Arinta waterfalls.

Even now back in Lagos, I still experience nostalgia and crave the quiet, peaceful surroundings of Ikogosi. Our road walk from the pool to the main resort holds some of my favorite memories. Exploring Ikogosi has shown me that growing up in Lagos has really distorted my view about living. From watching the people in Ikogosi, I have seen that you really don’t need to have much to be happy and to live peaceful. We chase so many unnecessary things meanwhile God has blessed us with everything we need to live that peaceful life including the wonders of nature. I honestly don’t mind living in the middle of nowhere with those I love and the basic needs of life; food, cloth and shelter. Besides, I’d really appreciate less noise and pollution, just greens and the burble of streams all around…

The serenity
See fine boy Timi. Check comment section below to understand why…haha

Although, we had some uncomfortable experiences in the resort, which I will talk about in my next post, as at now Ikogosi is my favorite place in Nigeria, which is yours? I also plan to go east to Obudu Cattle Ranch soon, who’s interested?

I enjoyed reading Tosin’s blog post on her visit to Ikogosi Warmsprings in Ekiti State. Check it out


  • Timi Oshin’s Camera (Please follow him on IG @timioshinstudios. He’s sooooo good).
  • Lolade’s iPhoneXR (ma I want to be like you when I grow up)
Let me quickly do an ode to the earring and wig cap I lost during the trip. Ode ko…lool, just wanted you to see my razz outfit. Ha!
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