Dear Nigerian Youth,

Happy Independence Day to us!

A big thumbs up for all the great feats we have accomplished over the years in different sectors. Globally, we have stamped our names on all sectors; innovation/technology, sport, art and music to mention a few. We accomplished this because of our work ethics, perseverance, determination, belief, values, purpose and competence.

However, looking at our social norms, I cannot help but say that we can’t be the leaders of tomorrow if there will be no tomorrow to lead. We have ignored the future for so long in our pursuit of our daily bread. We can blame the system for that, but that will not bring us out of the rat hole we live in.

If there is anything that we have undermined the most about ourselves; it is our strength in unity. We undermine the power we have to topple evil when we stand together for the good of our country.

Is there a way we can think of our current state in the country and say, “it is because of our complacent nature that we are where we are?” Not just because of the obvious bad government?

Our society will have us believe that we are ungovernable because of our ethnic differences, yet with the same fate, they come together to enrich themselves and impoverish the most of us. I put it to you that we are governable even with our differences. A large percentage of Nigerians want the same thing – good schools, good health-care system, good roads, good social welfare and an enabling environment for growth and success.

We need to wake up to the realization that today’s youth is tomorrow’s elders and our unborn children will be tomorrow’s youth. Meaning, while we still have the numbers, strength and zeal to make meaning out of the country we live in, we must not sleep on it. For a day is coming when we will sleep forever and our children will have to suffer the same fate.

My dear brothers and sisters… together, we can stand… We must build the Nigeria we demand!

As a Nation, we need conscientious leaders who are competent at every elected political offices in the country. We also need these kind of people in every other non-elective public sectors. If we do not find these people, we have to become them and then make ourselves available to serve the good of the people.

As Nigerians born in Nigeria, the least we can be is a second class citizen in another country and we will be treated as such. I am also aware that even as second class citizens in another country, we have a better life outside Nigeria, but, the time has come for us to make our country as good as the countries we go to for everything desirable, admirable and memorable.

My dear brothers and sisters, the roles we have to play cannot be done alone. For alone, we will fail. Together, we can stand against evil. We must build the Nigeria we demand!

Love always,


Because a true leader is always about the people. (Middle – Daniel Otabor)

Daniel Otabor is a public speaker and founder of SpeakWithDaniel, a public speaking and leadership development organisation that is raising successful leaders in different sectors. He organizes workshops to train young people on how to become effective leaders and influential public speakers.

His write-up today is a cry to all Nigerian youths to STAND UP and quit playing the blame game. The future of our country lies on our shoulders and we have what it takes to create the change we desire. 

Let’s start with what we can do today like getting knowledgeable on political matters so we can be confident and wise in proffering solutions to national issues (really guys, no more unwise arguments about Nigerian politics), volunteer for policy making organizations (e.g. and many others. We’ve got to THINK. Nigerian youths let’s THINK on the way forward because there’s a bright future ahead for our country.

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Posted by:Tosin

Just a huge fan of sustainability.

12 replies on “My Heartfelt Letter to All Nigerian Youths

  1. This is an amazing piece right here… It’s sad that even the youths of today are now also engrossed in what we complain our elders do wrongly…we all need to see that there won’t be any tomorrow if we don’t work for it today…Nigeria will move forward if we all have a sense of responsibility to make Nigeria better and not be non-chalant about what’s going on in our nation.


  2. Nice write up…we the youths of Nigeria are both the present and future of this country & so we have to take actions towards making our country better.
    God bless Nigeria and a happy Independence Day celebration.


  3. Second-class citizens. What exactly does that mean tho? I think no matter where you are….if you are ready and determined to work and be the best in your field, the notion of “second-hand” citizen is cancelled out. Amazing write up though.

    It’s one thing to tell people how to do their jobs whilst not knowing how to do yours and another to pick up the slack and get things done. There’s no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone. As youth we need to get off our asses and get stuff done. (I’m speaking to myself right now as well😁)

    Thumbs up to an amazing read.👏👏👏


    1. A citizen in another country different from birthplace or parents’ country is regarded as a second class citizen in that country. Lol.

      Thank you Esther!! 🤗🤗


  4. I think educating the younger generation is one thing we have to keep doing because the mindset of the most Nigerians would amaze you. Hope seems to be lost and even the intentions of the youth vying for offices are wrong. If the current trend continues, there would be no Nigeria 20 years from now.
    I also think we as youth need to be more involved in sustaible development and POLITICS. Provided association with the corrupt politicians doesn’t soon corrupt the best of us.
    We can’t run away from our country. It won’t solve anything. We need youth who are not afraid to demand accountability from leaders and also stand against the “norm”. I’m also speaking to myself because am I patriotic? I would say I’m not. We need youth who are not afraid to die fighting cos the battle ahead can be won but not so easily.


  5. I believe Nigeria will move forward if each individual Nigerian can focus on what he or she can do for Nigeria and forget what the country has to offer them as citizens now. I believe this can be achieved with a deep sense of patriotism, a soldier’s heart and selfless love


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