You are a very nice person and you would really love to bless someone, but you don’t just have the money to do anything at all!

Not to worry.

There are many easy ways you can give to a cause and still be the really good guy or girl you want to be without having to spend so much. Come along, let me show you a few:

Give your skills

Are you a web designer, a translator or a graphic designer or do you have a very important soft skill you think an organization might need? You can support an NGO by offering these skills for free instead of at a cost. That is one beautiful way to give to charity because many NGOs spend most of their money on helping people and may not have enough to be able to hire a web designer.

Also, you could organize a small tutor camp for underprivileged children, alone or with your friends, where you can teach whatever skill you have. You could train the kids on how to use the computer or on make-up artistry, beads making, tailoring, hair dressing, shoe making or anything else!

Give your time

Time is very valuable so giving it to help others really goes a long way. Many charity organizations are in dire need of volunteers so you can always enlist as a volunteer. One important tip in knowing which NGO to volunteer for is to go with one that aligns with your passion. For example, if you are passionate about helping women recover from any form of abuse you could support the Mirabel Rape Crisis Center (or Stand to End Rape Initiative ) and if you are passionate about education for underprivileged kids then I recommend the Slum to School organization. There are many other options.

Give your unwanted stuffs

You probably have tons and tons of unwanted stuff in your wardrobe you don’t need. Another great way to give to charity without spending much is donating all those unwanted cloths, shoes, bags, household items etc to those who really need them. Presently in my NYSC CDS, we are organizing a Library Project for a school and really need books for the library, you could help with that (please contact me through the comment section below or the contact form on the about page, if you are interested).

There are many organizations that collect used stuff to give to people in need. Some of them are  Oxfam Nigeria and Ace Charity Africa.

Lovmart 2

Start a social media campaign

Sometimes last year, I started a social media campaign to encourage natural breastfeeding among women and it went a long way. There were testimonies from the campaign – even young women not yet with kids were sending in messages that they would really consider breastfeeding as an option for their unborn kids. Great right?!

So you can start a social media campaign to create awareness on any charity issue. The social media is really powerful and word can spread really fast about anything even with just a simple hashtag.

Support a social media campaign

If you feel starting out a social media awareness campaign on your own might be tasking or you would probably not have the time to monitor your campaign, you could support other ongoing online campaigns. is an amazing website that can shows you current online campaigns.

Volunteer online

There are now many online volunteering opportunities. I just discovered the United Nations online volunteering portal and it’s really cool! You don’t even have to move an inch from your computer to make a huge impact after all.

Sign a Petition

Signing online petitions is kinda the in thing now and it has really made a huge impact like causing world government to end tax on tampons and sanitary materials for has really made it easy to voice your opinions, get others to support you and eventually create a positive ripple effect change. So, you could start your own petition today or support many others. (I have and there’s no better feeling that knowing that you are really helping to make the world a better place)

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Give your space

You could offer your space (maybe backyard at home or land lease) to someone in need or to an NGO in need of a space. I would caution however that you should be very careful because of the many security risks in our country (Nigeria) at the moment. Be sure to investigate the genuineness of any NGO or person in need.

Give your money – Start a Fundraiser

Donating money to NGOs really does not have to be much. You can start by saving up as little as a 100 Naira per week and giving what you’ve saved at the end of the year to a charity organization – maybe that one time is on your birthday.

You could also start a fundraiser to raise cash for an NGO or a cause (just make sure the money really gets to the right people). There are a lot of fundraiser websites, with a little research, you can find out which one works best for you.

And that's it! 

9 great ways to give to charity without actually spending a dime.

Can you give back when you're broke? 

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