The Fears of a Lagos Traveler

I love to travel; to explore new places and enjoy adventurous activities completely outside the norm. Being a very serious thinker, travel stretches my mind, broadens my horizon and helps me to think creative and original thoughts. One of the top countries in the world to visit for me would be Italy – Venice being…

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The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.

– Robert Swan

The March for Climate Change

And it all started with a stubborn 16 year-old… Greta Thunberg. With shear will-power and a complete understanding of what humanity needs, the teenage girl refused to attend her school classes and chose instead to protest in front of her country’s parliament, until they aligned with the Paris Agreement on the climate change. She has…

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Aisha’s Prince

‘Adaego! My daughter of wealth, where are you o?’ Whenever my mother screams my name in its entirety, I know that there is fire on the mountain. Just that this time, I’m certain I didn’t start the fire. ‘Ada m, which one is Jaksuko?’ she asked tensely as I approached her, ‘and where is Yobe…

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We have a single mission: to protect and hand the planet to the next generation.

Francois Hollande

My Heartfelt Letter to All Nigerian Youths

Dear Nigerian Youth, Happy Independence Day to us! A big thumbs up for all the great feats we have accomplished over the years in different sectors. Globally, we have stamped our names on all sectors; innovation/technology, sport, art and music to mention a few. We accomplished this because of our work ethics, perseverance, determination, belief,…

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